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Cheryl Blossom #29 Pg18

Cheryl Blossom #29 Pg18, Holly Golightly
Cheryl Blossom #29 Pg18

Holly Golightly
11 x 17

This is an original comic page done by Holly for Archie Comics.

I’m pretty proud of this title page. Cheryl Blossom was the first ever title I did full issues of pencils & wrote the script! I wanted to give Cheryl depth of character and not just a ‘mean girl’ with loads of money! I also wanted to establish her Mum as a strong working woman, in charge of a Fortune 500 company. I’m a bit superstitious sooo this story reflects that aspect of me…all the stories I write have a little truth of me in them!

Comic: Cheryl Blossom
Issue: #29
Page: 18
Size: 11”x17”
Inks on Bristol

Signed by Holly Golightly