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Archie and Friends #54 Pg19

Archie and Friends #54 Pg19, Holly Golightly
Archie and Friends #54 Pg19

Holly Golightly
11 x 17

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This is an original comic page done by Holly for Archie Comics.

I LOVE surfing- me? Nope, I’ve never surfed, one day but till then drawing Archie surfing is so much fun! I did put a lil’ color note on making one of the gals Latino, diversity has always been inspirational to me since I grew up in NYC. And ya, that would be me in the background catching a wave wearing the coolest surf suit I could find! Oh and check out the sea gull and crab…soooo cute! I love sea life!

Comic: Archie and Friends
Issue: 54
Page: 19
Size: 11”x17”
Inks on Bristol

Signed by Holly Golightly