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Sheltering Prayers

Sheltering Prayers, Nelson DeCastro
Sheltering Prayers

Nelson DeCastro
15 X 10 inches

Painting for Card # 22/143 of the Magic: the Gathering - Prophecy Edition card set. Published by Wizards of the Coast.

Gentle, radiant, and full of calm, this mystical image surrounds the subject in a gentle blue aura. She smiles kindly and reflects an air of joy and calm that allows the viewer to feel the protection this painting offers.

Every brush stroke lovingly rendered the textures in this painting, from the rocks to the clothing, to the shine in her eyes. It fully depicts the beauty that can be found in the fantastical realm of Magic the Gathering… “It matters not if the gods hear my prayers, Jamuraa does.”

Acrylic on Board.
An Enchantment card from the Prophesy deck.
Signed by Nelson