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Black Panther - 1996 Marvel Swimsuit Edition

Black Panther - 1996 Marvel Swimsuit Edition, Tom Smith
Black Panther - 1996 Marvel Swimsuit Edition

Tom Smith
13 X 15 inches

Created for the 1996 Marvel Swimsuit Edition book #4, page 37.

This blue line art was drawn by James Fry and colored by Tom Smith. Even when he relaxes under a beautiful waterfall, Black Panther is still a fierce and powerful warrior!

Signed by Tom Smith and James Fry.

What is Blue Line art?
Blue Line art is how comics used to be colored before the digital era! Comic line art was printed on a watercolor friendly paper or illustration board in a light blue ink, as well as on a piece of acetate with the line art in solid black ink. The artist would then do the coloring on the paper or board using whatever media he/she preferred to work in, usually watercolor, dyes, airbrush, or something similar. The acetate with the black lines would be used as an overlay so the colorist could see what the art would look like printed!

Watercolor on board with ink on acetate overlay.