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DC/Comic Art   BatmanGreg HildebrandtInks - BW$550
DC/Comic Art   Batman ink #2Greg HildebrandtInks - BW$550
Marvel/Comic Art   Punisher #4, p22Jimmy PalmiottiInks - BW$550
DC/Comic Art   Azrael coverJoe QuesadaInks - BW$600
Marvel/Comic Art   Punisher #59 coverJimmy PalmiottiInks - BW$600
Comic Art/Comic Art   Ninjak #2, p16Jimmy PalmiottiInks - BW$650
Comic Art/Comic Art   NinjakJoe QuesadaInks - BW$700
Marvel/Spiderman   Spectacular Spider-man CoverJimmy PalmiottiInks - BW$700
Comic Art/Comic Book Cover   1-X coverJimmy PalmiottiInks - BW$750
Marvel/Comic Art   X-Nation #2 CoverJimmy PalmiottiInks - BW$850
Comic Art/Comic Art   NinjakJoe QuesadaInks - BW$950
Marvel/Comic Art   Sabertooth Trading CardAndy KubertInks - BW$950
Marvel/Comic Art   Wolverine #51Andy KubertInks - BW$950
Comic Art/Terry and the Pirates   Terry & the Pirates 4-9-95Brothers HildebrandtInks - BW$1000
DC/Comic Book Cover   The Crucible - coverJoe QuesadaInks - BW$1200
Comic Art/Comic Book Cover   Ninjak coverJoe QuesadaInks - BW$1250
Marvel/Comic Art   X-Men #52Andy KubertInks - BW$1600
Marvel/Comic Book Cover   X-Men #31 CoverAndy KubertInks - BW$1600
Marvel/Comic Art   X-Men #40Andy KubertInks - BW$1800
Marvel/Comic Art   WolverineJoe QuesadaInks - BW$2200
Marvel/Comic Art   X-Men Wedding CoverAndy KubertInks - BW$2800
Comic Art/Terry and the Pirates   6/15/95Brothers HildebrandtInks - BW$150
Comic Art/Terry and the Pirates   4/8/95Brothers HildebrandtInks - BW$185
Marvel/Comic Art   X-Men Adventures vol.2 #3 p6John Hebert (penciller), Greg Adams (inker)Inks - BW$300
Marvel/Comic Art   Excalibur Annual #1 p21Audwynn Newman (penciller), Mark McKenna (inker)Inks - BW$350
Comic Art/Terry and the Pirates   6/18/95Brothers HildebrandtInks - BW$1500

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