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Paintings - Oil (31)  

Star Wars/EntertainmentLady ValerianLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$425
Star Wars/EntertainmentLOBOTLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$600
Star Wars/Shadows of the EmpireSala Zend #48Lou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$600
Marvel/Comic ArtThor Summons the StormLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$1500
Marvel/Comic ArtConan UniverseLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$1750
Marvel/Comic ArtThor Vs Surt`s MinionsLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$3000
Marvel/Comic ArtThor vs Sea CreatureLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$4000
Fantasy/FantasyEncounter in GraphurLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$6000
Fantasy/FantasyProphetess and LiegeLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$8000
Star Wars/Shadows of the Empire   Moruth DooleLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$110
Marvel/Comic Art   Doc Octopus IILou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$240
Comic Art/Comic Art   Hellraiser issue 2Lou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$250
DC/Comic Art   Ferrin ColosLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$260
Marvel/X MEN   PhantasiaLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$300
Marvel/Comic Art   CalypsoLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$350
Marvel/Comic Art   Dr. Xavier Defeats MagnetoLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$350
Marvel/X MEN   Black TomLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$350
Marvel/X MEN   PyroLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$350
Marvel/X MEN   The BlobLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$350
Marvel/Comic Art   BoomerangLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$355
Marvel/Comic Art   New VultureLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$425
Marvel/Masterpieces   ShatterstarLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$450
Star Wars/Entertainment   GallandroLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$450
DC/Comic Art   BattalionLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$500
Magic The Gathering/Nemesis   Flint GolemLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$500
Comic Art/Comic Art   Hellraiser issue 3Lou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$550
DC/Comic Art   ArsenalLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$600
Fantasy/Book Cover   Brothers of the DragonLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$600
Marvel/Comic Art   ThorLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$700
Marvel/X MEN   SauronLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$800
Marvel/Comic Art   Captain AmericaLou HarrisonPaintings - Oil$1300