Greg Hildebrandt Jr. in Paris

Movie poster Star Wars using the illustration of the Hildebrandt brothers. © Lucasfilm Ltd.

Exposure of Star Wars Toys at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2012 was really a great adventure which has allowed us to meet many personalities. One of the most striking, and surely one of the most moving was that of Greg Hildbrandt Jr , who came specially from the United States, family, together as a group of friends to see, or should -I say "goodbye" a piece he had not seen for more than three decades ... because his father and uncle, the legendary artists Greg and Tim Hildebrandt were painters of science fiction and the Heroic Fantasy. They notably illustrated in the 70s, several calendars based on the world of Lord of the Rings . These calendars were such successes that the imagery created by the two brothers imposed long as the visual reference books Tolkien. It also has illustrations of their card game "Magic the Gathering" and a large number of paintings in the world of Star Wars . The first poster of the movie Star Wars in 1977, was the most prominent. Indeed, in 1977, 20th Century Fox had to pass an advertisement for the release of Star Wars in the newspapers, but Charles Lippincott, Lucasfilm's marketing director at the time, was the first painting by Tom Jung was a little too dark for an unknown film. The discount items for advertising is a deadline nine days, we had a new painting is ready in 2 days. That is why David Weitzner, director of marketing 20th Century Fox ordered a new illustration to Hildebrandt brothers (via the advertising agency "Smolen, Smith and Connelly") known to have made a night movie poster Frankenstein Junior of Mel Brooks .

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
Twins into their art, they took turns day and night to finish the paint in 36 hours, one from the left of the table and the other to the right. This painting was used in the world around on posters, advertisements and products, including the post of the company Factors which sold by the hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States.

Greg Hildebrandt, these days, with a new poster using his painting Since 1977, the original painting was enthroned above the desk of Alan Ladd, Jr. (owner of 20th Century Fox at the time) before she arrives Collections Greg Hildebrandt, Jr., have not seen the work since his father and uncle had painted in their studio in 1977, has come to Paris specifically to rediscover this painting remains the most outstanding work of two brothers. Unfortunately, since the death of Tim in 2006, Greg moved away from fantasy and now painted pinup.
Greg Hildebrandt Jr. and Patrice Girod (curator) to the canvas Hildebrandt brothers presented at the exhibition Toys Star Wars at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2013. © Sebastian Galano / We have many extraordinary works Collections, but no doubt this painting Brothers Hildebrandt is one of our most important collection of graphic works. We are very proud to have been present at the exhibition Toys Star Wars inside the walls of the Louvre, the Decorative Arts, placing a few meters from the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci , and proving and the Art really has no boundaries!

Source: Paper Blog.