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Tin Signs/Pinup ArtAvenue De L'AmourGreg HildebrandtTin Signs$35
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtProhibition Gun Club - smallGreg HildebrandtTin Signs$45
Tin Signs/Pinup ArtProhibition Gun Club - X-LargeGreg HildebrandtTin Signs$100
Tin Signs/Pinup ArtAvenue De L'Amour - LargeGreg HildebrandtTin Signs$100
DC/Comic ArtI am the NightMark RomanoskiMixed Medium$600
Kid Stuff/Photorealism   Alice in WonderlandGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Marvel/Comic ArtThorGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Marvel/Comic ArtWolverineGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   L'amourGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$30000
DC/Comic Art   The BatmanLuca StratiPaintings - Oil$2800