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On Monday September 5, 2011 my daughter, Laura Hildebrandt, passed away at the age of 45.  Laura was my middle child. Her mother, Diana, her brother, Gregory, her sister, Mary and I, her father, survive her.  Laura was a passionate child. She was loud and pushy, but she was mine. Her friends loved her. Her family loved her. And she loved life.  Unfortunately, Laura suffered with Lupus, a seriously debilitating disease. She struggled for many years against this disease. She fought hard for every day. Laura won the battles, but unfortunately she eventually lost the war.  We all love her and she will be greatly missed in each of our lives, but we have wonderful memories that will live in our hearts forever. Laura is gone but will never be forgotten.  Greg

Greg with his girls around 1965.

Laura at 2.

In Greg's carriage house in 1970, with Mary and Laura.

Greg and Diana with Mary, Gregory, and Laura, 1981.

The Three Musketeers.

Laura and Tim at Every Picture in 2001.

Gregory and Jane's wedding at the Cape.

Laura, Diana, and Mary on an emerald day.

Greg, the proud dad with his three children.

Mary and David's wedding, 1995.

Posing for dad and uncle Tim.

Portrait of Laura by Greg, created 1981.