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In Loving Memory...

It is with deep sadness that we put up this page to remember Charles G. Martignette.

Charles Martignette was recognized as one of the great authorities on American Illustration Art. He was an art historian, author, dealer and collector. And since 1979 has championed American Illustration as a great art form.

Charles’s private collections of original paintings are probably the largest and most diversified ever assembled. Many of his pieces have been exhibited in top museums including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, the Brooklyn Museum, the Whitney Museum and many more.

The top 200 American illustrators who worked from 1890 to 1990 executed his Signature Quality Masterwork paintings. These paintings were reproduced and published as Magazine Covers, Magazine Story Illustrations, Advertising Art, Calendar Art, Pin-Up & Glamour Art, Book Illustrations, Pulp, Digest, and Paperback Book Cover Art, as well as Greeting Cards, Advertising Specialty Products, Puzzles, and many other formats.

Charles’s contribution to the preservation of American Illustration in his lifetime was an overwhelming achievement. His passion and love of art was unsurpassed. He was obsessed every minute of his life with acquiring his next piece. Almost like a little boy in a candy store. And for this we thank him.

But more important, Charles was our friend. He was crazy and funny. He loved women and was passionate about everything he endeavored to do. He went out of his way for his friends and the people he loved.

He will be greatly missed by all of us who loved him, but he will live on in our hearts.

He was our friend.

He made us laugh!