Joe Quesada
Joe Quesada is one of the most sought after pencilers in the comic industry today. Remarkably, he began his as a colorist for Nintendo comics. Since that time, Quesada started his own company, Event Comics, after penciling some of the most important books and covers for the industry's largest publishers. His co-creation, ASH, was one of the biggest success stories in the comicís field since its launch in 1994. Starring the first firefighter-turned-superhero, ASH won critical and popular acclaim and sold out across the country. Quesada has done extensive work for other established publishers, as well. For DC Comics, he helped revamp THE RAY for the successful six book miniseries that earned Quesada accolades and brought his name to the attention of fans and colleagues alike. Joe also penciled BATMAN: SWORD OF AZRAEL, which introduced the character who replaced Bruce Wayne in the Batman suit. He then redesigned Batman's costume and penciled the cover of BATMAN #500 for the direct sales market. Quesada teamed up with writer Peter David on Marvel's X-FACTOR for an award-winning run on the title that saw it through the X-MEN 30th Anniversary celebration. Among the dozens of covers Joe has penciled for Marvel and the X-MEN POSTER BOOK, WOLVERINE POSTER BOOK, and the hologram-enhanced X-FACTOR #92 [the X-MEN 30th anniversary book]. Quesada has also done trading card art for Upper Deck, Fleer, and Topps. Some of Quesada's most striking covers have been the SOLAR covers he produced for Valiant, where he began his career. Teamed with inker Jimmy Palmiotti, he provided the artwork for Valiant's best-selling NINJAK #1 and X-O MANOWAR #0, a Diamond Gem Award-winner for Best Cover of 1993. Beyond comics, Joe is also a talented musician, singer, and songwriter. Among Quesada's awards are the 1993 U.K. Comics Awards for Best Newcomer; CompuServe's Comics and Animation Forum's Best Achievement by New Talent, Best Single Issue [X-FACTOR #87] and Most Improved Book [X-FACTOR]; and the 1992 Harvey Award for Best New Talent. Quesada was also nominated for a 1993 Reuben Award for Best Comic Book Artist by the National Cartoonist Society. Quesada, Palmiotti and publisher Laurie Bradach joined forces in mid-1994 to form Event Comics. Event featured creator-owned titles like ASH -- created by Quesada and Palmiotti. Joe is now Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics.