David Boller
David Boller was born in Zurich, Switzerland. After high school he worked as a freelancer for several advertising agencies and self published his own comic book. He relocated to the United States to further his training as a cartoonist and graduated from the Joe Kubert Graphic and Comic Art School. Since then he has worked on many mainstream comic books. He penciled Marvel's Night Thrasher Series for a number of issues. He penciled the first six issues of the Elfquest-Jink Series. David has also created promotional mini-comics for Marvel including the "X-Men, Hardee's Booklet". He worked on the Magic The Gathering - Legend of Jedit Ojanen mini-series for Acclaim Comics. David also worked on pencils for the Marvel Metal trading card set and Overpower sets, both published by Fleer Corporation. David also created over two hundred TICK images for Fleer. The popularity of David's art is growing rapidly. He is a fanatic for detail in his pencil work and does almost 100% of his ink work with a brush. For the past few years his originals have been selling primarily in Europe. David and his wife Mary Hildebrandt have started their own company Tusk Entertainment. He is currently working on his personal creation, Kaos Moon.