Daniele Serra
Daniele Serra is a comic artist and illustrator who lives in the beautiful country of Italy where he was born and raised. Mr. Serra's career as a professional illustrator began in 2008. Serra's unique style has been well received, and his work has been published in Europe, Australia, United States, and Japan!

As a comic artist, Mr. Serra's clients include DC comics, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, and the opportunity to work with authors such as Jeff Mariotte and Joe Lansdale. He has also created pieces for the Hellraiser comic under the supervision of Clive Barker.

As an illustrator, Mr. Serra has worked for Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine, PS Publishing, Dark Region Press and many other publishers.

In 2012, Daniele Serra was honored to win the British Fantasy Award for "Best Artist".

Daniele's preferred mediums are watercolor and ink. His combination of the two results in beautifully dramatic, haunting pieces that are otherworldly and surreal. His dark pieces are absolutely unique and utterly captivating.