— Some photos from the 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm, FL—

If it's April it must be time for Barrett-Jackson auto auction in West Palm Beach, Florida. This year 150,000 people attended the show over a 4 day period!
The show is held at the Fair grounds in West Palm Beach which covers many acres of land. The auction featured an amazing range of cars dating from 1914 up to 2014 in every shape, size, and color you can imagine. In addition, the show features vendors that sell everything from jewelry, boats, planes, and sculptures to hand made clothing and boots, custom furniture, and original art! There are dozens of events to participate in over the 4 day period and a full array of food vendors for everyone's appetite. If I could I would go with an empty tractor trailer and haul back a dozen cars every year.
This is an exciting event with amazing energy. Watching automobiles go off the auction block with prices between 1 and 4 million dollars is astounding and incredible. We are absolutely looking forward to next year's show! We hope you enjoy these photos and join us next year for the fun! 

Sincerely, Jean Scrocco

One more time -- Mike and Greg opening day!

Bonnie's ready and so is Greg.

Joe Sabatini from Festivals of Speed

Huey Helicopter Nose Art featuring Chris Noel.

Mike and General Jackson.

'Tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn!' - Greg

Let the bidding begin!

Paul Reisman stops by to say hello.

High end!

Mid range!

Warren Aplin stops by every year!

Mike and Madeline, the vendor team!

Greg's life is so tough...

The Kuberts stop by.

A blast from the past!

Greg makes the finishing touches. She's almost ready!


It's the four PEP BOYS!

Another show COMPLETED.

See ya next year, Mike!

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