— Some photos from the 2013 Illuxcon show in Allentown, PA—

Our newest addition by Tom Kuebler - "Sewer Dweller".

Tom and his crazy creations!

John Jude Palencar - "Lovecraft" cover we bought.

Petar Meseldzija - Serbian artist extraodinaire!

Brian and Vivian with Roger Dean.

Donato Giancarlo - brilliant painter and nice guy!!

Angela Fernot - newest member of the Spiderwebart team!

Gandalf, a timeless classic.

Surrealist John Jude Palencar. AMAZING art.

Chris Achiello and Marc Fishman.

Pat and Jeannie Wilshire start the show!

LizAnn and Paul Lizotte. They are the bomb!

Jane and Gregory join us on Sunday.

Vincent Villafranca - the BEST in bronze.

Gary Lippincott - magnificent fantasy watercolor artist!

Another of Tom's creations...also known as the "Bubblegum Machine from Hell".

Michael Whelan - Phenomenal surrealist.

Jim Balant and Holly Go Lightly.

Jean goes shopping!

John Jude, Tom, and Kara. Time for dinner!


The puppet is ALMOST finished.

Greg and Gary.

Chris, Greg and Ian playing puppets.

Roger Dean - artist for YES and ASIA. Such amazing, AMAZING art!

And NOW...the puppet is finished. Titled - "Said the Spider to the Fly".