— Some photos from the 2013 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ—

Set up day with Shelli.

Randy meets us at the gate.

Bonnie and the dolly.


Chief Mike unloading.

Even Greg gets to work.


Fourth trip.

Mike Laurel and me.


Time to assemble.

Chief Mike, the barber shop guy with his pole.


Set up day two. Already selling.

The booth is ready.


New show, new friends.


Ronnie, baby.

The gala begins.


1934 Packard - "Eye Candy"

Here we go one more time.


No nipples allowed.

Love to watch him paint the details.


Barrett-Jackson filming the vendors.

X marks the spot


The most precious expression of the show.

Go Army.


I want this truck.



Hunter is making a decision.


Greg is giving an art lesson.

Look son, that's a Packard.


Randy and his kids.

Explain this to me, would you, please?


Everyone loves pinup.