— Some photos from the 2013 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ—

Set up day with Howard and Collin.

The show begins with George and Ian.

Mike stops by to say hi.


The booth is ready. Only took two days.

Alice and Greg.


The chief arrives.

Showing off his pinup.


Barrett-Jackson's film crew.

Mike and Shelly, the god and goddess of vendor administration.


This is a doozy.

Fatty Arbuckle's Pierce Arrow. Doesn't get more beautiful than this car.


No clowns in this booth.

These are actually five feet tall. I wanted all of them.


Number one Batmobile sold for $4.2 million.

One of the many tents.


Collectibles, memorabilia auction.

It was cold the first four days.


How cute is she?






Dr.. Hovey, the life saver.


My favorite sale.

Mike got hit by a car.


Many fans.

Okay, I want to go hunting, in Montana, in the snow.


Frenchie is one of Greg's biggest fans.

Mike's back after accident.


Don and Pat, good friends.

Hamming it up.


Matt and Howard stop by to see Mike.

Our very own Houdini.


Busy for eight days.

The new, proud owner of License to Kill.


The sales crew.

Great show. Lots of fun


And the winner is?


New fans, new friends.


Doesn't get more beautiful than this.

Show's over, break it down.


Oh my god, don't throw out the artist.