— Some photos from the 2010 Illuxcon—

Illuxcon 3 begins.

Patrick, Jeanni, and Greg.

Set up day, almost done.


Greg is ready to paint Smaug.

We set up first. No one else is here yet.


Day one.

Tom carries out the body.


I got the wings.

And I'm not sure what Kara has.


The installation begins.

This is a nightmare monkey.


Come on, how real does this guy look?



Vincent the bronze man.

No comment necessary.


The most beautiful chess set I have ever seen.

My giant wasp.


If you build it, they will come.


Vincent and his pride and joy.

Greg with Marc Fishman.


Tom's birthday party.

How cute.

Let them eat cake.

Decisions, decisions.


Here we go.

Studying Petar's art.


My god, is this man talented.

Greg receiving his Chesley award.

His speech was so cute.

Never discuss politics over dinner.

Or at least remain friends at the end.

John Jude Palencar, Greg, Jean, Michael Weylan, and Donato


Ian Miller and Greg.

Greg and the cat man.

The trading card crowd.

Jeremy Cranford stopped by to say hi.

Two legends, beautiful art.

Kara and Tom.

Guess who?

Very tired.

Patrick and Michelle.

Pat, Jean, Jennie, and Greg.

Celebrating the end.