— Some photos from Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona—

Opening day.

Becky joins the fun.

Set up day.
Big show.

The Shelby Cobras are here.
I want one.

Mike Laurel and Greg.
Mike and Me.

This is a big booth.
The Caddy that Greg never touched.

Nice hood ornament.

A first for everything.
Booth looks great.

Art looks great.
Greg's not nervous.

He's having fun.
Should this booth be PG-13?

Don and Pat.
The Shelby guys.

The Bertram clan.
The great Howar.

Chief Mike supplied the M&Ms.
1,200 cars and counting.

The Cox news team.
They are so nice.

Is it a car? Is it a plane? Is it Superman?
Can't run out of gas here.

Greg and Courtney.
Mike stopping by.

Almost done.
Now this is an auction.

Show stopper.
Mrs. Shelby and daughter.

So nice.
I want his boots.

Ernest Hemingway, just kidding.
Courtney and fiance.

Oh my god, it comes in black.
Decisions, decisions.

A black Jackson and a red dragon.
Show's over, going home.

Gotta pack first.
A regular soldier.

Pierre, me, and Mike.
We made it.

Until Orange County- we had a ball.